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Are you in need of restorative dentistry to replace lost teeth? Among the dental services we offer at M Smiles, you can receive custom dental bridges to replace one or more missing teeth and cover large tooth gaps in your smile. Dental bridges are designed to restore full oral function so that the loss of teeth don’t cost your smile. We review the nature and process of dental bridges and how they can improve your smile and daily dental habits.

Support to keep a dental bridge firmly in your smile can be provided by your natural teeth, dental implants or even the use of both. While the placement process for a dental bridge may seem complex, it is fairly straightforward and designed to enhance oral comfort. You can schedule an initial consultation with our dentist to determine if you would benefit from a dental bridge and should receive a traditional, cantilever or Maryland appliance.

In order to provide a quality bridge at M Smiles, we need to first form an impression of your smile to ensure the final appliance is customized to your preferences and needs. We can place different types of dental bridges by cementing a traditional or cantilever piece to the natural neighboring teeth and fixing a Maryland appliance with the use of wings.

By properly caring for your dental bridge, you can help your appliance last as long as 10 years without needing repairs or replacement. To keep your mouth clean and free of infection or cavities that can affect the appliance, brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily.

Dental bridges help to improve your ability to speak and chew following unfortunate tooth loss. To schedule your visit with Dr. Navid Malik to discuss dental bridges in Houston, Texas, call 832-461-1852 today!