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At M Smiles, the Isolite® Illuminated Dental Isolation System allows Dr. Navid Malik to gently and comfortably clean and examine the teeth of our patients. This dental isolation device provides our dentist with a bright, LED light and two continuous vacuum suction channels, all while leaving his hands free. The Isolite Control Head Assembly is built with titanium, and is lightweight. Its maneuverability and durability improve the experience for both patient and dentist.


This dental isolation system provides does the same work as traditional dental isolation devices, but with less discomfort to the patient. LED light settings give the dentist the ability to switch between five different light modes. This allows for varying intensities and protects any light-sensitive materials in a patient’s mouth. To learn more about how M Smiles uses Isolite Dental Isolation Systems in Houston, Texas, call our office at 832-461-1852 to schedule an appointment.